Mostly Everything Cancelled


Pretty much all of the gigs, shows, concerts, performances, venues, restaurants, schools, transit and much more have cancelled, postponed, or closed until further notice due to the global pandemic. 

I'm staying positive but it is a difficult time for everyone. Please enjoy this nice background photo of my phenomenal colleagues and I after our first concert of the year back in the fall. 

I'm so incredibly proud of all of the hard work we all put into making the JCM department a welcoming, fun, inspiring, and creative atmosphere for students from across all walks of life. Our story will not end here. 


There is always more music to be made. Let's be a change for good.


Peace and love and jazz,


Some Recordings Happening Maybe?


With ample downtime as classes go online and we find ourselves quarantined, I'm excited to announce that there are going to be at least, 2 recording projects i will be involved in in the near future. 

One, a duo record with my guitar playing friend and compatriot, Hayes Cummings. This project will be centered around works of Thelonius Monk. A long time favorite of ours. 

Second, a trio record with my brothers Bret Walberg, and Lucas Phillips. Set to be comprised of original material by Walberg, this trio recording should be a  preview of events to come later, as Brett is set to put together a larger group for a longer record centering around his experience in the food service industry. coming at some point in the future.

Stay Tuned for updates regarding performances


Things are changing on a day by day basis so who knows whats to come in the future regarding performances, shows, etc. Stay tuned for announcements and updates coming from social media and this fine wix site you have stumbled upon.



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