Play Monk recently featured on WMBR FM

Charlie Kohlhase recently featured our duo record on his show Research and Development!

"You've got to dig to dig it, you dig?" said Thelonious Monk about his music. I wonder if it ever occurred to Monk that, nearly 40 years after his passing, young musicians would still be digging into his idiosyncratic compositions. Another musicians said that in order to be able to play Monk's music you have to understand the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic aspects of it and how they intersect (another composer that can be said of it Makanda Ken McIntyre, although his Music sounds nothing like Monk's). Mastering the form of Monk's compositions, sometimes with their 6 and 7 bar sections is paramount, too.

What Hayes and Alex have been doing is digging even deeper into the rich melodic and rhythmic strata of Monk's music to find intervallic and rhythmic motifs to launch their improvisations. A micro approach to give this classic music fresh wings to fly on.

(Charlie Kohlhase, August 31, 2021)